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Berliner Immobilienmanagement (BIM) / Consulting, Workshops, Training / 2017-2018

The request: The Berlin Real Estate management (BIM) has grown rapidly in recent years. This is partly due to a merger, but also because policymakers are increasingly empowering the company by providing it with a wider array of tasks. For now the BIM is doing fine, but the differentiation of its working areas threatens their efficiency and dynamism. How can the state-funded company remain efficient become more agile?

Our request: The answer to this question has partly been answered by our client: An open strategy process titled “BIM 4.0” was needed. The openness started with the fact that we have designed and implemented the process with the company strategy development co-creatively. ‘Open’ here means the voluntary involvement of those who are usually excluded from strategic processes: Employees of all levels. After a leading group from the management team was charged with identifying future topics, we built topic groups who were instructed to develop a thematic strategy through agile working methods. Our task was to support the working groups in strategic thinking and help them develop their chosen topics according to systemic principles of design thinking and in a self-organized fashion. For this project we collaborated with our colleagues from Wigwam and Open State.

Why we loved working with BIM: As real estate service provider for Berlin, BIM has the potential to shape Berlin in a sustainable way. That means to tailor the administration, usage and development of urban real estate and areas to the needs of its citizens. We want to support BIM to establish itself as crucial actor in urban planning and set the course for a livable future.