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Change thinking. Think change.

BSPW supports people and organisations undergoing change processes. Together with our clients, we explore and create new forms of leadership and collaboration. We ask the following questions: What do the people in a given organisation need in order to collaborate effectively, healthily and with joy? What does the organisation need in order to function effectively and meaningfully in a complex and dynamic environment?

There are many different answers to these questions, and we, as process facilitators, support you in finding these answers. We design helpful process architectures and facilitate workshops, coachings and trainings in which the participants work on their requests or concerns. In the process, we may be provocative, encouraging, activating or calming, and we support transformational learning by balancing brave exploration and curious reflection. We are based in Berlin, Germany and Bergen, Norway.


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We think change.

18/01/2024 - 13:22

Erste Werkzeuge und Voraussetzungen für wirksame kollektive Entscheidungen

Je komplexer, uneindeutiger und unangenehmer Entscheidungen werden, je hilfreicher ist es oft, möglichst viele Perspektiven von Anfang an in den Prozess zu involvieren. Davor schrecken allerdings viele aus gutem Grund zurück: Es kann sehr langwierig und kräftezehrend werden, ohne dass ein zufrieden stellendes Ergebnis dabei herauskäme.   Vor- und Nachteile herkömmlicher Entscheidungsprozesse Die allgemein bekannten …