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Through Critical Thinking we explore some of the basic challenges inherent in human interaction: our differing perspectives, values and motivations. We can only evaluate, negotiate and ultimately change the things we think and know deliberately. If we work on the structures of our thinking, we gain access to both our own deepest beliefs and those of our fellow human beings. In this way, our scope of action broadens and we can consciously create change together.

We want to see more self-confident thinkers who see options rather than pitfalls and are able to conduct a substantiated assessment of those options. In our trainings, we convey the tools individuals and teams need in order to think and experience a common future anew. Through consulting and facilitation, we support organizations in implementing these changes, thus preparing them to tackle the challenges they face reflectively and courageously.

Our Team

Team - [:de]Claire Born[:en]Claire Born[:]
Claire Born
Consulting, Facilitation & Training

Educated as a political scientist, Claire has a passion for societal trends and sustainable relationships. She designs trainings and workshops regarding self-organisation and other new work related topics. Thus, she sees her main task as enabling people to cooperate effectively and shape a positive common future. Claire is trained in Coaching, Agile Project Management and Design Thinking and is currently training in Systemic Organizational Development at the SySt-Institut in Munich. She works in various sectors and countries in English and German.

Team - [:de]Maren Drewes[:en]Maren Drewes[:]
Maren Drewes
Consulting, Facilitation & Training

Maren is interested in understanding what motivates people to initiate change. Trained as a philosopher who likes to experiment, she makes critical thinking suitable for everyday life in order to inspire people to generate energy for change. Maren designs spaces in which people encounter and collectively navigate their complex environment – with curiosity, ease, and depth. Maren has educated herself in Human-Centred Design, Participatory Design, Collaborative Democracy, Agile Project Management, and Change Management. She enjoys working in interdisciplinary projects in German, English, and plain language (i.e. language that is accessible to people with disabilities).

Team - [:de]Nadine Köhne (im Sabbatjahr)[:en]Nadine Köhne[:]
Nadine Köhne
Training & Philosophical Consulting

Nadine has an eye for detail. Almost intuitively, she can spot what follows from what, and what doesn’t. She loves to pass on Critical Thinking skills and in this way show people what they are capable of. To her, contemporary forms of work, creativity, innovation processes and Critical Thinking belong together. Nadine has studied philosophy and German language and literature. She is a certified content and social media manager and since obtaining her PhD has worked as a copy editor, lecturer and editor.


Team - [:de]Malte Boll[:en]Malte Boll[:]
Malte Boll
Consulting, Facilitation & Training

Malte is into the big picture, and he is passionate about dissecting the complex reciprocity within and between different systems. His combination of a hands-on approach and a systemic mindset allows him to design suitable change architectures and consulting processes. Malte exudes tranquility and introduces new thinking into difficult and seemingly gridlocked situations. Malte currently serves as an honorary member of a supervisory board in his spare time.

Team - [:de]Roxana Baur[:en]Roxana Baur[:]
Roxana Baur
Moderation, Training

Roxana explores how work can be designed in a way that people can show themselves fully and develop their potential. With a lot of calm she creates space for exchange and learning. She contributes her practical experience from the change from hierarchical to self-organized teams. Roxana studied Political Sciences and Islamic studies and has trained in agile project and change management. She works in German and English and experiments with Arabic and French.


Our Values

Values drive and guide us. They hold us together and help us create shared priorities. Values change and develop as we do. Currently, we prioritize the following values:



We believe that every individual and organization has the ability to learn. For us, development is both path and goal. We explore what makes people work productively and constructively, as well as what is making them unhappy or inhibiting them.

In order to propel our own personal development, we also give ourselves four weeks of flexible research every year, publish our research results on our blog and give talks about our work.


Authenticity & Ease

We are all more than our jobs, and we at BSPW don’t want to hide our personalities behind a mask. Laughing in inappropriate situations, having a bad day, lacking the answer to a question—we allow these things to happen and acknowledge their value. We talk about family problems, personal tragedies and wild dreams. We constantly seek means and ways to make our work compatible with our lives, not the other way around. This allows us to approach our projects with joy, and to share that energy with our clients.



Being in tune with our values allows us to flourish and develop to our fullest potential. For this reason, we constantly evaluate whether our priorities are (still) in line with our vision. Is what we’re saying truly sincere and reasonable? Do the things we do have an impact, and are they long-sighted? We acknowledge the limits of our own perspective, cultivate empathy and constantly challenge accepted truths.

Unsere Kooperationspartner

Wir glauben an vielfältige Teams und gemeinsames Lernen. Erprobt und bewährt hat sich unsere Zusammenarbeit mit: