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Innovation through self-organization

Kindernothilfe e.V. / Concept, consulting, moderation, workshops / 2016-2017

The request: Online donation platforms might make donation organizations obsolete in the future. How can we safe our future?

Our contribution: On behalf of and in collaboration with Wigwam we were responsible for developing an innovation process, by which employees dared to answer the question above. In order to do this, we designed and moderated a human-centered design process.

We empowered the protagonists to self-organize themselves and find good questions through joint exploration in order to develop and test prototypical ideas. In addition, we created the conception and execution of employee meetings (townhalls) and the development of a supporting communication concept. The result: 5 prototypes for the generation of donation and new collaborations worldwide, including budget, in house feedback loops and live testing. 

Why we loved working with Kindernothilfe: The KNH has an extraordinarily effective self-help approach that strengthens mothers to create better living conditions for their children. This can be achieved independently from outside advice. We like to support people that support others.