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Embodied Values

emmy sharing / Retreat, Team development / 2021

The situation: After months of working from home, there was a great need in the team to revive the collegial feeling as well as to align for the next steps. In a previous workshop, the founders had already taken the first steps towards determining values for internal collaboration. Now, the initiated culture was supposed to come more alive again within the team. To achieve this, the team came together in a remote location in Brandenburg.

Our contribution: In a two-day retreat, the team developed company values participatory and let them come alive through workshops: What should values accomplish? Which values describe the team best? Which values are predetermined from outside? How can we anchor the values in everyday life? In addition to the substantive work, there was also plenty of space for being outdoors and the opportunity to come closer together as a team through shared activities.

Why we enjoyed working with Emmy: With the management team, we have already laid important strategic foundations. Now it was a pleasure for us to get to know a large part of the team. We were very impressed by how concentrated and productive the entire team worked and grateful for the trusting and enjoyable collaboration.