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Values-based collaboration

Plankton / Process Faciliation, Organisational Development / Since 2020

The situation: Plankton is a highly value-driven enterprise. These values should also be reflected within the company. The founders had already worked on this, but it needed to be condensed, refined, and operationalized: How can we articulate and communicate what is really important to us? How can we live and ensure our values in our everyday work, and prevent this very fruitful foundation from being lost under growing pressures?

Our contribution: In an opening workshop with the founders, we refined the company values and brought them to life: How can we stay connected to our values in our everyday work? What do these values mean for social interaction within the team? What skills, competencies, structures, and processes do we need as a team to live our values? Regular reflection loops and workshops with additional team members are to follow.

Why we enjoy working with Plankton: We have worked with one of the founders in various constellations before. We share a view of the big picture, a passion for applied philosophy, and a strong focus on values. Our collaboration with Plankton is characterized by trust and appreciation.