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developing future scenarios

Schorlemer Stiftung / Process Design, Consulting, Facilitation / 2020

The context: The Schorlemer Foundation is an integral part of the German Farmers’ Association in the field of education. It enables young people working in agriculture in Germany and abroad to gain a “wider perspective” through international exchange programs. In doing so, it makes an important contribution to international education and personal development of young people in Germany, Europe, and the world. Since 2019, the Schorlemer Foundation has grown significantly and has set itself the goal of further improving its services. The specific request for consultation was to question, sharpen, and prioritize their own development process with an external perspective; to create clarity and derive concrete, manageable steps.

Our contribution: In a first section, preliminary considerations and assumptions from the team were organized and, where possible and sensible, visualized. In small resonance loops with a representative from the foundation, these were questioned, sharpened, and future scenarios and development goals were developed. Then, concrete steps and measures were derived from the first interim results in a joint full-day workshop with the entire foundation team, which can be implemented immediately.

Why we like working with the Schorlemer Foundation: The Schorlemer Foundation’s aim to support young people in their personal development by enabling them to gain a “wider perspective” was evident in the collaboration: it was characterized by openness and curiosity, but also pragmatism and down-to-earthness. In two words: “Future-oriented support.”