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Eine Arbeitswelt wie sie uns gefällt

New Work event series / 2-hour evening events / since 2015

The idea: “Eine Arbeitswelt wie sie uns gefällt” is an event-series cooperation between BSPW, Wigwam eG, tbd* and Flipped Job Market running since 2015. Several times per year we explore various themes related to “New Work”. We discuss topics like jobsharing, New Pay or Working Out Loud with selected experts in the field.

Our contribution: The BSPW team participates in creating content as well as conceptional and organizational work and keeps the network running.

Why we initiated this event series: We believe that many people would like to practice New Work but have completely different concepts in mind. We bring together these perspectives because we want to re-conceptualize work so that change is supported by many different ideas. At our events we discuss these concepts and ideas and try to visualize a new future job world to make it part of our present. 

More on the event series: Following key concepts like „New Work”, “Work 4.0”, “Jobs with purpose” or ‘Holocracy” we would like to create a new understanding of work and life. Prominent topics are digitalization, agility, self-determination and participation, flexibility and fair wages or new purposeful work and how to get to the right job.

Organizations want to compete and remain attractive employers. We want to go to work full of enthusiasm and get behind the job we do. So far, so good: In fact, who wants to be a rigid company, or a stressed employee steering towards a burnout and thinking of life as just a never-ending climb towards a successful career? At the same time, we observe that even the mantra of work-life-balance itself creates pressure on individuals. Pressure for companies to change and for us personally: “Be fit and relaxed’, ‘Cultivate your hobbies and friends’, ‘design your working environment and participate, ‘go offline and say no at times’, ‘be successful, but money is not everything’.

With our event series we take up these topics, questions and ambivalences: Where does self-efficacy start and where does heteronomy start? When do we engage in sustainability and when do we serve a growth-oriented society? Where does freedom start and where precariousness? Where starts the dream of purposeful work and where do we start worrying about the outstanding bills? And how can we organize collectively in order to find answers to these questions?