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Virtual collaboration for decentralized teams

tbd* / Virtual team coaching every two weeks for 1.5 hours / since 2019

Our goal: The tbd* team has undergone a restructuration and now works in at least three different locations. Between them lies the great pond, different cultures and time zones. We have accompanied the team on their way to self-organization, which is more pivotal than ever for virtual collaboration.

Our contribution: Maren and Claire are coaching the team virtually through video-chat on adjacent topics, for example: How do we transmit appreciative feedback? How can we empathize with the perspective of others? What is the difference between project-specific self-organization and companywide self-organization and can both be realized at the same time?

Why we love working with tbd*: We have accompanied the team since a few years and are inspired by the uncompromising will of these strong women to professionalize the non-profit sector and find close connections to topics like the compatibility of family and profession, mental health or the creation of meaning.