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Developing strategic goals together

Abgeordnetenwatch / Participatory Strategy Development / 2022

The situation: A non-profit organization wants to revise its strategic goals for the next few years and involve all employees in the process. The goal is to create a shared understanding of the organization’s priorities and align everyone on a common course.

Our contribution: In a two-day workshop, we worked with the organization to develop the strategic goals. We used a structured methodology to ensure that all voices were heard and that the result of the work was supported by everyone. We prioritized the goals and translated them into clear and understandable language. In addition, we also developed measures to implement the goals and a timeline.

Why we enjoyed working with the organization: We are always happy to support organizations in developing and implementing their strategic goals. Working with this team was particularly enjoyable because all employees were highly engaged and actively contributed their perspectives and experiences to the workshop. We are confident that the organization is well-equipped with the new strategic goals to successfully advance its mission!