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Summer of Pioneers / Process Facilitation, Workshop / 2022

The situation: Twenty people embarked on a journey to test digital rural life in the small town of Homberg (Efze) during the Summer of Pioneers 2022. To facilitate and the participants’ acquaintance, deepen their relationships and explore together which principles should be included in their collaboration in the coming months, the organizers requested a kick-off workshop for the entire group.

Our contribution: In a full-day workshop at the Deutsches Haus in Homberg, we guided the group in identifying what each individual needs to feel comfortable and which principles are particularly important to the group to start successful common good projects. In the afternoon, there was plenty of space for new initiatives and project ideas to be shared at the Barcamp.

Why we enjoyed working with the Summer of Pioneers Organizers: Roxana had the opportunity to participate in the first round of Summer of Pioneers in Homberg in 2021. Being able to accompany the group in their next steps is a great pleasure. The group worked intensely and empathetically on creating their collaboration principles, laying the groundwork for successful months ahead.