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Ausländerrat Dresden e.V. / Training / Workshop / 2022

The situation: The cross-departmental team of the Ausländerrat Dresden e.V. meets every six weeks for a joint meeting on common issues. During one of these meetings, the need and desire came up to learn more about how decision-making processes can be designed in a way that involves all team members and enables effective decisions.

Our contribution: In a half-day training session that we designed and facilitated, we aimed to find answers to the question “Who decides what, when, with whom?” We first looked at our attitude towards decision-making together: “Am I creative or reactive?” “What does working with tensions mean?” “When and where do we make decisions?” We then examined and experimented with various decision-making methods (systemic consensus, consent).

Why we enjoyed working with the Ausländerrat Dresden: We met a highly motivated team that drives its work forward with great passion. It was great fun to illuminate the topic of decisions together and combine the various perspectives of team members.

You can get a glimpse of the training on the topic of making collective decisions here (in German).