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Agile leadership through Critical and Systems thinking

Open training sessions / 3-day training event / since 2018

Technological developments progress rapidly. The fast-paced digital transformation has far reaching consequences for working processes, human interactions, relationships and patterns of thought or action. Digitalization requires a quick, well-structured exchange between individuals and organizations. We believe this is best achieved through interdisciplinary problem-solving and envisioning the future in a collaborative fashion.


Agile leadership means formulating manageable goals and planning measures for its realization in a short time frame, coordinating the realization of these goals and re-evaluating results in a collaborative manner, in order to constantly ameliorate cooperation. The cyclical exchange over goals, advancements and results within the team according to set rules is a crucial space for critical thinking and constructive confrontation. Visualizations on the Kanban-board help to avoid misunderstandings and encourage the quick processing of tasks and effective decision-making. This helps to detect and reset planning inconsistencies and fosters new creative solutions. Through an ongoing learning process, products and processes can be tailored to individual needs of clients and workers.


Working agile is not limited to the development of software but comprises a structured and incremental approach to the resolution of complex questions. It requires a new conceptualization of leadership by all participants: The willingness to question one’s personal thought processes and course of action as well as openness to collective learning. You can learn about different methods and approaches in our three-phased training series “Agile leadership”, each consisting of two training days (for a more detailed description please follow the links below).


Two trainers will not only show you agile working principles, but also introduce the conception of leadership behind the concept. Let yourself be inspired by bundled competence. Bring your change project and work on it in our training sessions, exchange ideas and share your challenges with other participants.



Maren Drewes

Maren is interested in understanding what motivates people to initiate change. Trained as a philosopher who likes to experiment, she makes critical thinking suitable for everyday life in order to inspire people to generate energy for change. Maren designs spaces in which people encounter and collectively navigate their complex environment – with curiosity, ease, and depth. Maren has educated herself in Human-Centred Design, Participatory Design, Collaborative Democracy, Agile Project Management, and Change Management. She enjoys working in interdisciplinary projects in German, English, and plain language (i.e. language that is accessible to people with disabilities).

Malte Boll

Malte is into the big picture, and he is passionate about dissecting the complex reciprocity within and between different systems. His combination of a hands-on approach and a systemic mindset allows him to design suitable change architectures and consulting processes. Malte exudes tranquility and introduces new thinking into difficult and seemingly gridlocked situations. Malte currently serves as an honorary member of a supervisory board in his spare time.