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Interdisciplinary research

The situation: Committed employees of TH Köln are on the verge of founding an interdisciplinary research cluster “Circular Value Creation”. At a first symposium in autumn 2010, 50 specialist professors from 10 faculties were already involved, activities were bundled, and a temporary working structure was found. The founding process is planned to take place during …


The project: Self-organization is in demand, anti-discrimination is in demand. Why don’t we think about them together more often? Even when hierarchies are dismantled and organizations transition to self-organized forms of collaboration, invisible or implicit power structures remain active. Therefore, as part of the series “Eine Arbeitswelt wie sie uns gefällt” in cooperation with Wigwam …

Anti-Bias in internationaler Zusammenarbeit

Das Anliegen: In einem extern begleiteten Workshop möchten sich Menschen aus drei Forschungsbereichen selbstverantwortlich und interaktiv erarbeiten, wie sie insbesondere in internationalen Kontexten mit Vorurteilen und Annahmen in ihrer Forschung und in ihren Projektanträgen umgehen können. Ziele des Workshops: Weniger kontextferne deutschen Ideen produzieren und noch sensibler mit internationalen Stakeholdern kommunizieren und zusammenarbeiten. Unser Beitrag: …

Schorlemer Stiftung
developing future scenarios

The context: The Schorlemer Foundation is an integral part of the German Farmers’ Association in the field of education. It enables young people working in agriculture in Germany and abroad to gain a “wider perspective” through international exchange programs. In doing so, it makes an important contribution to international education and personal development of young …

Generationswechsel und Genossenschaft

Die Ausgangslage: Die Gründer*innen gehen in den Ruhestand und ein neues Geschäftsführungstandem übernimmt. Es möchte Führung neu denken, Verantwortung verteilen und verschiedene Unternehmungen unter einem genossenschaftlichen Dach vereinen, um auch in der Finanzbranche eine neue Form des nachhaltigen und ethischen Arbeitens und Wirtschaftens vorzuleben.   Unser Beitrag: Seit 2015 begleiten wir das Team und die Geschäftsführung …

New Collaboration from the Inside Out

The situatiuon: In 10 years, Startnext has grown to become the largest crowdfunding community for ideas, projects, and startups in the German-speaking region. The idea behind Startnext is simple: many people (crowd) finance (fund) an idea, project, or company together. The call “The future belongs to the brave” also challenges the Startnext team to question …

Values-based collaboration

The situation: Plankton is a highly value-driven enterprise. These values should also be reflected within the company. The founders had already worked on this, but it needed to be condensed, refined, and operationalized: How can we articulate and communicate what is really important to us? How can we live and ensure our values in our …

Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit mit tbd*
Virtual collaboration for decentralized teams

Our goal: The tbd* team has undergone a restructuration and now works in at least three different locations. Between them lies the great pond, different cultures and time zones. We have accompanied the team on their way to self-organization, which is more pivotal than ever for virtual collaboration. Our contribution: Maren and Claire are coaching …

tension competence
Leadership through tension competence

The request: „Hi dear team, its B. from emmy. We need support. Let’s talk about it over a good cup of coffee or a nice chat on the phone. What do you think? Best, B.” Our contribution: Inspired by “Theory U” we have developed and moderated a transformation process. In the workshops and trainings we …